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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Beautiful Heart – better than any model!

Inspired by the story of Esther.. How her courage and love for others changed history!
Esther chose to live for an audience of ONE – for the One who really loves all of us.. the first thing to establish in our hearts is His love for us is real and unchanging.. Just remember the cross when doubt comes about His love for us..
We serve the same King as Esther.. He provided all she needed to  accomplish her mission and He provided for us all we need to live out our purpose for Him.. Remembering that we cannot do it in our own strength .. We need to pray for our King to crown us with His love and compassion as He crowned Esther..
Lord, we pray for -
Compassion - for others
Courage -  to stand up for rightesousness
Conviction  -  to live for Christ
Character -  that reflects Jesus is in our hearts
Commitment - to  His call on our life..

Whats been stirring in my heart today is that we will receive whatever we ask for that is according to HIS WILL... Lets ask! He is faithful and He knows how to give good gifts!
I am asking Him for a beautiful heart.. that is full of his love and free to love others.. nothing is more beautiful than a woman who loves the Lord with all her heart and is free to give love to others..
 “The Lord answered, I can do anything!
Watch and you’ll see my words come true”
Numbers 11:23
God’s love reflected through our eyes is something even the best makeup artist could never re-create! Pure unselfish love can only happen in the power of the Holy Spirit working through us.. If we will allow our King’s love to accumulate deep within our souls and accept His forgiveness, we will be able to love others..
We will receive whatever we ask for that is according to God’s will.. If we ask, He will give you..

J In His Dust...xx