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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm the Apple of my Fathers eye!!!

You and me are the apple of His eye..He sees you as His most perfect creation..Your Heavenly Father loves you  so much...He gave it all just for you..
Parents see their own children differently than other people do. As believers in Jesus, it’s the same way with our Heavenly Father.
When we make mistakes and have messed up He is not far.. He is right by our side ready to pick us up, clean us off and bring peace to our soul again.. In His eyes we are overcomers, we are victorious, we are strong.. In His eyes we are pure and whole.. You see, when He looks at us, He sees His Son.. He has removed our far as from the east is to the west........:-)
Today, trust in His love, trust in His goodness, and trust that you can find safety and rest in His eyes..
He delights in you!
In this parable, Jesus is the merchant man and He found you.. You were bought with a price that no other could afford.. and remember, He gave it all..

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:

"Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it."
In the Old Testament the thing was, obey and I will bless you.. In the New Testament God is saying.. “I have already blessed you”, now out of a heart of love and relationship with me, obey Me...

I pray that we would choose this day to allow our Father to adjust our thoughts to His.. to renew our mind and destroy religious and traditional mind sets.. I pray also to our Lord that we would allow Him to  get our heart right with Him..A heart filled of awe and worship ... He longs for a loving intimate relationship with go back to our first love...
He doesn’t want or need our ‘service’ our ‘money’ our ‘church attendance’ our ‘scripture memory verves’.. He longs to pour out unspeakable joy into our heart.. We cry out to Him, create in me a pure heart Oh Lord.. He longs for us to be filled with love and gratitude beyond our imagination.. He longs for us to fulfil our God-given purpose....
I am convinced, there is no greater joy then knowing our Father in Heaven and His love through our Lord and Saviour Jesus!
He wants us to know today, He loves us beyond, beyond!
Teach us your truth Lord, renew our spirit...
Teach us to worship You in Spirit and in Truth!

In the Name of Yeshua, the Son of the Living God! Praise you Jesus.. Amen!
Mary J

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