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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My dessert wandering.. :-/

I am just beginning a new study.. the book of Deuteronomy!!
I am so looking forward to discovering more of God’s character in these scriptures..

It’s fascinating how an eleven day journey from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea by the way of mount Seir took 40 years..

Wow, think about that for a moment.  It took only three days to get Israel out of Egypt; but it took 40 years to get “Egypt” out of Israel!

As I was thinking about all this and imagining what it would have been like for the people of Israel, I could find myself identifying with how difficult it must have been.. wanting to go back to Egypt.  There is something about comfort and keeping the status quo that is quite captivating, even when you are in slavery..
What I am also realising through this amazing story is how God has a purpose for us in the ‘desert’.
Well for me.. I am unashamedly sharing with you that I find myself in a desert right now.
I am asking God How and Why I am here?.. I yearn to find His purpose.. Why would He have anyone spend time here..I am aware that there is much blessing here and one thing I sense not to do is seek a quick deliverance out of where I am! I am sure there are lessons for me to learn that I will not learn anywhere else..
I trust that GOD has called me here, to this wilderness.. I have purposed in my heart not to resist Him any more, no matter where I am..
I’ll be honest, I don’t like it here!! It doesn’t feel good!! But I know in my ‘knower’ that this is exactly where God wants me.. He intends to reveal more of Christ to me and prepare me for the promise land.  That thought alone makes my spirit leap, despite the harsh, dry, and arid surroundings
My goal is not to look for a way out but to look to Him.. I know that it’s not going to kill me!!  But then again, hopefully it will, in a scriptural sense – my flesh man.  Ultimately, I believe it will make me stronger in Him.. It has to.  My Saviour loves me too much to leave me as I have been
I am looking forward to the spiritual growth and benefits as I stay here a while..
Shalom my friends..
From my heart..
Lots of love..
And as my wise friend always signs out..
Strength and Honour..
 Mary xxxxx

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