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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so.. Is God Sovereign? Are you sure!!!!

Have you ever wondered if God is Sovereign over ALL? Yes, I do mean All, like EVERYTHING all!!
Do you have doubts that He is?
I know we can respond by faith and say Yes! I believe it! I receive it by faith.. But is it true? How do you know?
Fortunately the  bible depicts God as the only and absolute King of the universe, who rules over all, and does everything He pleases (Exo 15:18; 1Ch 29:11-12; 2Ch 20:6; Psa 22:28).
It will take too many pages to write all these scriptures out so I am just giving the references! But check it out and KNOW for sure! God is SOVEREIGN OVER ALL!!
Oh Praise Him!!!!!!!!!
And not only is He sovereign in some abstract way, in that He retains the right to govern all events actively according to His will, but chooses not to do so; but He actually and actively ordains and brings to pass everything that takes place on the earth (Deu 32:39; 1Sa 2:6-8; Job 9:12; 12:6-10; Psa 33:11; 115:3; 135:6; Isa 14:24; Isa 45:7; Act 15:17-18; Eph 1:11).
 From the smallest matters of “chance,” such as the casting of a lot into the lap (Pro 16:33), to the greatest events of the earth's mighty kingdoms (e.g. Isa 45:1-4), God is bringing all things to pass according to His will. He governs and superintends “coincidental” happenings (1Ki 22:20, 34, 37), the wicked actions of men (Gen 45:5; 50:20; Exo 4:21; Jdg 14:1-4; Psa 76:10; Pro 16:4; 21:1; Isa 44:28; Amo 3:6; Act 2:22-23; 4:27-28), the good deeds of men (Joh 15:16; Eph 2:10; Phi 2:12-13), the actions of both evil spirits and good angels (1Sa 16:14-16; 1Ki 22:19-23; 1Ch 21:1/2Sa 24:1; Psa 103:20-21; 104:4), the habits of animals (Num 22:28; 1Ki 17:4; Psa 29:9; Jer 8:7; Eze 32:4; Dan 6:22), and the operations of all creation (Gen 8:22; Psa 104:5-10, 13-14, 19-20; Mar 4:39).

All Glory, All Power, All Praise to our AWESOME GOD!!

:-) xxx

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  1. All that and more M we just do not have the understanding for it all, and yes He does let us wreck things to an extent: having the caveat that He can always do a Sodom and Gomorrah