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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God’s Heartbeat for Australia and in particular the Mornington Peninsula

God’s Heartbeat for Australia and in particular the Mornington Peninsula

December 2000

From the very beginning of time, when I designed the Peninsula and crafted it’s rolling hills, it’s beautiful beaches and rugged coastline, I carefully and deliberately ordained the generation that would finally take the land and subdue it in My Name.  Just as I chose the timing and calling of Joshua to lead My people into the land of promise, so I have chosen this generation to carry My Glory from Frankston to Portsea and also to the ends of the world.

How many of My people understand and lament the desperate state that the Peninsula is in right now and know the longing in My heart to heal the land.  Your adversary, the devil, has polluted it from one end to the other with arrogance, complacency and cravings for pleasure.  This generation is reaping the consequences for the foolish and rebellious decisions it and previous generations have made under the distorted and deluded notion of “independence”.  Consider the destruction of the family unit, the multitudes being seduced into defacto and adulteress relationships and tragically the scores of innocent children being fed to the wolves of media and peer manipulation and the numerous teenagers herded into drug, alcohol and sexual addictions.

Every morning, I hear the cries of abandoned children as they wake to find mum and/or dad gone, the sobbing of lonely and depressed mothers, the groans of drug addicts as they crave another fix, the swearing and cursing of angry and confused men.  Every day I see the poor and hurting, struggling to survive on their own instincts like mere animals and yet somehow accepting their bruised and battered lives as “normal”.  Many feel trapped in their circumstances and pain and have been contemplating suicide as the only way out.  I tell you the truth, their cries, which have been louder than My people’s prayers, have reached the throne room of Heaven and have gripped My heart.  Surely it is time for Me to act!  How can I restrain Myself any longer?

Who will share my compassion though and be the instrument through whom I pour out My love in this land?  I have searched far and wide and have found few who are standing in the gap, who are walking the extra mile to show this people that the Gospel of My Son Jesus Christ is the answer to these people’s cries. 

How many times have I whispered in your ear church to come aside and pray?  How may times have I convicted you of your selfishness, asked you to encourage and support My disciples, put people on your heart to visit and help?  How many times have you shrugged your shoulders and said “Yeh, I’ll get around to it”?  As quickly as the excuses come flooding to your mind is as quickly as your enemy takes captive another victim to accomplish his hellish will.  You worship me with your lips but your hearts are far from Me.  You are quick to do evil but slow to do good.  You spend more time in front of your television sets, computers, books and magazines than you do in seeking Me and in helping others.  How can you say that you are any different to the world when you share the same passion as they do in worshiping idols made of mens hands - sports such as football and cricket, and entertainment such as music, computer games and videos.  If these things are as harmless as you say, then why are your minds and imaginations constantly filled with such vain and futile thoughts?  Why does your tongue keep uttering perverse and destructive things, longing to boast, gossip and criticise?  And how is it that you are so passionate about these worldly things and yet so lethargic about things close to My heart, like helping the lost and needy? 

To what can I liken My church right now?  I know this is hard to accept, but they are like an adulteress wife who has given her body and soul to another man.  Like a hurt and angry husband, I have watched My loved one being seduced away from Me and into the arms of another.  But despite her wretched behaviour, My love and faithfulness for her will not diminish.  Although there are grounds for a divorce, I shall honour the vows that My lips have spoken - to love her in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.  I will therefore wait patiently for her to come to her senses and make preparations for her return.  And when she does return, great will be the celebration!  I will make sure that the latter days of our relationship far exceed the glories of our courtship days.

Therefore, choose this day whom you will serve.  If it is Me, repent from your wicked ways, forsake your many lovers and return to me with your whole heart.  If not Me, you deserve all that is about to come upon you.  In time you will understand how patient and merciful I have been with you.  But woe to those who still refuse to repent after I shake their lives.  As revealed in My Word, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth before the glorious return of My Son.  Do not be surprised or afraid by what you see and hear, but know and trust your Heavenly Father who will allow these things to happen in order to shake the proud and stubborn larrikinism out of the Australian spirit so that millions will finally bow their knees in surrender to Jesus before that great and terrible day of His judgement. 

Do not be dismayed though My children, for I am also about to release My grace and power throughout this great south land in an unprecedented manner, the likes of which has never been seen before.  The blind shall receive their sight, the deaf shall hear, cripples will leap for joy, the dead will come forth to testify of My majesty and many will revere and believe in the Name of My Son Jesus Christ through whom these miracles are performed.  I do not do this for your sake, but for My holy Name’s sake, which you have dishonored in this land through your apathy.  I will glorify My great name and the kingdom of My Son Jesus Christ, and the nation of Australia will know that I am the Lord God Almighty, when I am honored by you before their eyes.  For I will deliver you from the ravages of sin and bring you close to Me.  Then I will sprinkle you with the washing of My blood, Spirit and Word and you will be clean.  I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols.  My appointed leaders will reveal to you My whole counsel and will show you how to walk in My Spirit so as to not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.  I will call forth My apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers from your midst, for their time of preparation and training in My righteousness is almost over.  Many will run to you in that day and ask how and why your are free.  Then you will remember your evil ways and will reserve all honour, all glory and praise to your Saviour.

Soon, Rosebud will be known as a place of revival rather than recreation, Dromana will be renowned for deliverance from sin, Hastings as a haven for healing, Mornington a place of miracles and Frankston a fire place of My Holy Spirit.  For I am about to work a work in this land that will cause every ear to tingle and every heart to tremble.  From the mountains to the valleys, the message of Jesus Christ and His victory at the cross will be proclaimed with great boldness and I will be exalted, as I confirm the truth of My Words in your mouths with astonishing demonstrations of power and mercy.  News of My end time work in this land will spread to every nation of the world and many nations will cry out for Aussie missionaries to be sent to their lands. 

Get ready and get fair dinkum!.  Let him who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to His church.  Let those who are called to inherit My kingdom believe and obey.  Let those whose works are going to be consumed by fire continue their lifestyle of selfishness.

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