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Sunday, September 19, 2010



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  1. Rejoice in the Lord always! and again I say rejoice!!!
    God Himself ALWAYS is the ONLY answer for our broken lives and broken situations. The early apostles were birthed into God's purposes at Pentecost; after a time of great failure, betrayal, and the end of the strength of their flesh. Father is bringing men to end of themselves. It is from this place of a lack of human strength that He will bring healing, restoration, and glory.
    God is NOT going to share glory due His name with man, but He will glorify HIMSELF in man. He is coming in His glory to display the splendor of his Might, and shine the light of His great love, grace, and goodness so that no man can boast in themselves. What He is doing in this hour will lay low the works of men in all of it's aspects; in the world, His body, and individually. Our position before Him is to remain in humility, obedience and faith. He is coming with his reward for those that wait on Him and will make all things new.
    We will see the purity and perfection of the bride come forth as the result of GOD making her ready, not her own efforts of self righteousness. Our flesh is burning in the fire of His glory, so that no man may glory in his own strength. The world will marvel at Him who was crucified and risen; as in this appointed hour He rises like the morning son in His people with Healing in His wings. Let's rejoice in faith and press in to Him. Praise God He is coming!!