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Thursday, November 11, 2010

As I was walking along the beach, worshiping Jesus, singing to Him...♪♫ I saw a butterfly in the sand.. it was washed by the waves.. The pretty colours caught my eyes and I picked it up.. It was dead in my palm.. Then I had a thought!! :-D.. “In Jesus Name, may life come back into this butterfly’!! Well! Yeah, you guessed it!! The butterfly jolted into action! I was like.. Oh Glory to God! And then I sensed the Lord wanted to speak to me.. I felt I needed to pay close attention..
I let the butterfly stand in my hand as the wind was blowing.. I thought the wind will help dry its wings from the water..After a while I took a little stick to separate its wings and see if its body was ok.. After that I had the thought it might be hungry and in need of some nectar! So I took it to a bush of flowers.. Immediately the butterfly got into it! And as I sat waiting until it had its fill,  just checking and encouraging and thanking God for His beautiful creation.. In a little while, It just flew away.. Full of life and joy and I am sure on his God-given adventure!!

I sensed the Lord speaking directly to my heart.. He was saying the butterfly whilst it was ‘dead’ is like every person He created.. There is  some beauty, but no life of His Holy Spirit...(Well, you know this, you must be born-again of the Spirit of God)
He said that most people go past something that looks lifeless without a second thought.. e.g., an addict, a prostitute, a Muslim.. Etc... He wants us to stop and sense  if He is doing anything.. Share the love of God with them. It is the work of the Holy Spirit what happens next..
Well it all is really!
Next, He was saying, it is easy to have His Spirit and come alive.. He came to make dead man live!.. Justification! He paid the price!! It’s a prayer away.. A Name away.. it is those who believe and call upon the Name of Jesus.. ..He said most of the time though, the new convert doesn’t  get exposed to just basking in His presence.. (SONbaking!)
As I held the butterfly to the wind (the Holy Spirit) I sensed Him say we need to create a place where people can experience His presence, His holiness, His power.. “In His presence there is fullness of JOY.. Psalm 16:11 tells us! Often we put people in programs and believe that a few songs on a Sunday will do the trick!  I believe we need to show people how to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth..Provide that for them. I believe that’s why so many people are.. joyless!
Next when the butterfly was sucking on the nectar.. The Lord spoke to me and said, that is symbolic  my Word.. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and then filled with His Word.. Not just read it.. But read it to find Him.. Read it to see Him.. Read it until the fullness of Christ is experienced.. Meditate on it.. Chew the cud!! I could write a book on how good the Word is.. (oh yeah! There is one already written!! ) and remember, it’s not enough to hear the word from someone else! We need to read and meditate on it for ourselves! Lets encourage always people to read the Word of God..
And other thoughts I had was, once a believer is a worshipper, filled with the joy of His salvation, and has eaten the Word of God, let him go! Yes! LET THEM GO!  Allow God to use them to go and do the same.. Don’t keep them to serve you, or any man made programs.. Don’t keep them inside the walls that we have come to call church! The living church is organic and active and happens outside the walls sharing the love of Christ ,  sharing the Gospel and making disciples!! The church is a ‘called OUT people’.. living, breathing flowing in the Spirit of God.. So unless God directly speaks to you to keep them “inside”.. Please! let them go!
After people are filled with Holy Spirit and have encountered the LIVING God and been disciple in the Word of God, they are by now bursting with the love of God.. they want  to minister to their loved ones!! I remember I was too busy with church to be with people outside ministering to them and loving them etc.. Remember when you were first ‘saved’.. the zeal! The desire to talk about the lover of your soul Jesus to everyone you met!!
 Love them, pray for them, and visit them if you have to! But be Kingdom minded! For God’s sake! J
Let them go serve their Master where He leads them!!  Perhaps we all need to rethink about  and renew our mind about this!
Well that’s what He spoke to me I think! And there was one last question the Lord asked me... “When you took the walk, what did you  set out to do?” And I said, ‘I wanted to seek you Lord, to hang out!...
Blessings J
and the truth will set you freeeeeeeeeeeeeee...............

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